No really.  Our most loyal fans might recall that we did a write-up on the site last month.  We were blown away by just how funny of an idea it was, so in our normal fashion we tried to hook our readers up with it.  The owner of the site has agreed to give one of our readers a free month of the service to take out for a test drive.

How do I win this you might ask?  Well since this giveaway is awesome, we want your most awesome story!  We want to know the most awesome thing that has ever happened to you.  Is your life lacking in awesomeness?  Then send us the most unawesome thing that happened to you.  Points will go out to those with the most creative or jacked stories.  Submit by 09/17/10 and we’ll be picking the best (or worst) story to get a months worth of pickups.

Email your stories to [email protected]!