When we think of Black Friday we think of crazy-ass zombie shoppers all hyped up on too much caffeine and uppers snatching up anything priced 75% off… ummm, unless that’s you then we love you.  ANYWAY… for those of you who will either get up at the crack of freakin dawn to shop, or just never go to sleep, we have a super-de-duper sneak peek site for you!!!  The Black Friday advanced view of nearly all the major retailers.  Yeah… you just got shoppers chub didn’t you.  Weirdo!

Right now you can see early specials from the likes of Best Buy, Walmart, Old Navy, Staples and many more.  Are you excited?  Are you a little dizzy right now?  Need a drink of water?  Well too freakin bad!!!  Here it is for your viewing pleasure…. Black-Friday.NET