Have you heard the hype about this movie?  It’s that one with Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain, Shutter Island) and Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Fracture)  that is supposed to be borderline porn. (We have little to no issue with that) Well actually it pulled the “NC-17” rating on the initial ruling by whomever issues those rulings.  But “Blue Valentine'” recently won its battle and will be shown in all it’s glory with a “R” rating.  The movie previewed at this years Sundance Film festival, but is now set for wide release in the United States on 12/31/10.  Early buzz is that both Williams and Gosling should get Oscar nominations for the roles they play.

BLUE VALENTINE is the story of love found and love lost told in moments past and present.  This honest and moving portrait follows Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams who star as Dean and Cindy, a married couple who spend a night away from their daughter in an attempt to save their failing marriage.  Juxtaposed with playful scenes that trace their romantic courtship six years prior, Gosling and Williams journey through the brutal heartbreak that comes with fading love and broken promises.

For more on the movie, you can visit the official site here.