BB After the Disco 2Did you have a chance to watch Broken Bells Presents “After The Disco” – “Part One: Angel and the Fool”? (if not go HERE BEFORE watching this video)

Were you completely hypnotized by the music and totally perplexed by the video?  Yeah… me too.  Yet, when I saw that part 2 was available to watch… I had to see it.  So I did… and once again loved the music, but was a little confused.  Crazy thing is, if they had another chapter… I’d totally watch it.  What is this insanity?!?!  Has Broken Bells found a way to turn music & video into crack for our brain?

After it’s all said-and-done… great music, dig the cameo by Brian Burton & James Mercer and the actors (Anton Yelchin & Kate Mara) are perfect.  Make up your own mind and let us know if you’re also now addicted to the drug that is “After the Disco”:


Broken Bells present “After The Disco” starring Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara.
“Part 2: Holding On For Life” was directed by Jacob Gentry and produced by POPfilms in conjunction with The Creators Project.
Watch “Part One: Angel and The Fool” here:
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