The Fall Premiere Season is Wildly upon us (Remember with us HERE), and while we are very excited for all of the new stuff hitting our airwaves… it brings to mind premiere seasons of years past.  Some of the greatest programs ever streamed to our personal boob-tubes, as-well-as some of the worst moments we ever wasted our time watching.

With the greatest of shows is woven a little something special.  Something that keeps us wanting, nay… needing more.  The Cliffhanger!!!!

Our buds at io9 agree with us and have released The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cliffhangers EVER Shown on Television.  Here are just a couple:

Lost, “The Incident” A bunch of people mentioned this one — I’m still somewhat annoyed by the way this played out, but I’ll admit it was a great cliffhanger. Juliet blows herself up and there’s a blinding white flash… can history be changed? Or is this what always happened? People also mentioned “We have to go back!” And a couple of people said the final episode was a great cliffhanger, what with the walking into the light.

TThe X-Files, “Duane Barry” Duane Barry believes he was abducted by aliens in 1985, and now he needs someone to take his place or the aliens will take him again. He gets shot, but escapes from the hospital — and then he breaks into Scully’s apartment and kidnaps her. People also mentioned Mulder getting abducted while Scully’s pregnant, at the end of season six.

Not to be forgotten.. they’ve also included something that we’ve fallen victim to as well, The Most Frustrating TV Shows Canceled on a Cliffhanger.  Here are just a couple:

Tru Calling Tru almost finds out that Richard and Jack are working together against her — but Jack uses his “rewind day” to tell Richard to cover his tracks, so she never learns the truth. OMG major cliffhanger! To make matters worse, the final episode, a Christmas-themed outing, didn’t even air for a few years in the U.S.

Carnivale The show ended with a bunch of stuff unresolved: Ben is wounded and unconscious in Management’s trailer, and even if he survives, he’ll be a changed man. HBO decided to pull the plug on this show at the last minute, depriving it of the chance to finish telling the story of the carnival and the preacher.

Complete lists of both Cliffhanger endings are found through the links above.  Have fun… we did!