Hola nerd shits.  You’ve managed to make it another week where nobody acknowledges your existence.  Well nobody but Eggshell and WhiteGlossy because they are the king and queen of Nerdshitville.  It’s a monarchy where people are not born but aborted.

The WGUB will be ran by me today so sit back, drop your shorts, adjust your glasses with your middle finger, wipe the saliva off your buck-teeth and put your guard up.   I’ll be here all day to lend tips on how long to let the exhaust fumes run so you don’t just black out next time.  Please note this is not how Eggshell and Whiteglossy passed on.  All I know is Eggshell choked on Whiteglossy or vice versa and that Miracle Whip and rubber sheets were involved.