What is all this lollipop teen sparkle shit always being posted?!  Ever kill anybody to play some f*ckin Fogghat?!?  Some Ted Nugent?!  When was the last time you heard Kanye wrestled a moose down to tap out with his bare hands on his own ranch?!?!  Now I can handle a pic or two of Katie Perry up here minus the tea sipping, crumpet eating heroin eater that has blinded her.  How does Mr. Perry not have his d!ck in her at all times.  Or should I say How does Mr. Perry refrain from graping (mixture of grope & rape) her at all times.  Yes, Mr. Perry her father, and Russell.  I’m talking about walking down the red carpet, playing cricket, scaling the Parliament, feeding his veins more heroin, watering a plant…whatever… just keep it there Russ.  But this wouldn’t be a true Eardrum Penetration without a horrible music review from a white nerd who loves black people.  The new Kid Cudi is dope.  Word.