If you are seeing this message then our daily emergency default posting has kicked in.  This means one of a couple different things has happened:

  1. We stayed up Waaaaaaaay too late last night testing out a new “Tasty Libation” and are now hugging the toilet and crying for sweet, sweet death to steal us away.
  2. We are currently making friends with Tyrone and/or Bubba in the nearest minimum security lock-up for what can only be explained as a “product field test gone wrong”.  Anal Gland swelling is a real bitch to deal with the next day… just an FYI.
  3. We are in the Hospital due to some ridiculous Truth or Dare game where PaysteeWhite obviously caught something, or someone, on fire.
  4. We are busy serial raping leftover Halloween pumpkins.
  5. We’re in Canada or Mexico and don’t have a clue how the hell we got here.  Hey, it happens.
  6. It’s a Holiday… in which case we’re directing the local Parade.

In any event our Lawyer/Doctor/Mommy will have us back in action for you bright and early tomorrow!!!  Just know that wherever we are… we are missing you dearly!