Dear Hudspeth County sheriffs Department,

Are you F’ing serious!?!?!?  Were you having an incredibly bad day and thought to yourself, I’m going to share all of this pent-up retarded hate with somebody else?  Give me a G.D. break… the second ANYBODY sees that glorious Honeysuckle Rose III bus blaze on by, there is no doubt what-so-ever that there is a beautifully green little baggy of something kush hangin around!  The fact that you actually pulled him over, searched his bus and arrested Mr. Nelsen for being in possession of 6 oz is beyond ridiculous.  Side-note… kinda surprised he only had 6 oz!

What you did is like arresting rice for being in possession of too much white… or busting my dog for locking too much junk… or arresting Santa for stealing your milk n’ cookies.  I have a baaaad feeling that pot-heads the world over are going to start anonymously mailing you random marijuana paraphernalia.  If not… then there’s a great idea good buddies.

As the red-neck society would say… “Here’s your Sign”!

Lastly… in honor of his great puffness, here’s one hell of a funny song by another country artist, Toby Keith (Don’t hate on Toby… it’s a good song):