September 18th, 2006… I sat in front of my TV eagerly awaiting the start of, what I expected to be, one of the greatest shows of the decade… “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip“.  In my opinion, I wasn’t wrong.  Clever, Witty, Funny, Dramatic, Amazing Dialog, etc. etc. etc…. every kind of special ingredient you can imagine is needed to make a program perfect!!!!  What?  You’ve never heard of this show?  That’s probably because it only aired for one season, then disappeared into the land of lost perfection!  So what went wrong? Timing maybe?  I had friends tell me it was just on too late for them to keep up with that much intensity and smart writing.  I say f*ck them all!!!!  This is a cast of brilliant actors including Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet, D.L. Hughley, Ed Asner, Steven Weber and created by Aaron Sorkin.  I hate TV watchers for being so dumb sometimes!!!  This show fails, but “Dating in the Dark” is back for season two?!?!?!  Jeez!  At least NBC learned it’s lesson and is keeping 30 Rock on the air. 

Well, for those of us sad it’s gone… today I discovered an amazing thing, the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip complete season (all 22 episodes) on for $13.50!!!!  Go people… GO NOW!!!  If you haven’t seen this, or even heard of it before, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It will be less than $20 incredibly well spent.