Oscars are this Sunday.  And we are huge movie buffs here.  Here are our picks for some of the major categories.

Best Picture: Who will win:  The King’s Speech. Who should win:  The King’s Speech. Although I haven’t seen this movie, all signs point to it being the big dog of the night.  It wouldn’t surprise me if The Social Network, Inception, or 127 Hours slid in here though.  Every movie in this category was good.

Best Actor:  Who will win:  Colin Firth, Who Should Win:  James Franco.  If you haven’t seen 127 Hours, you are missing out on a truly inspiring performance by Franco.

Best Actress:  Who will win:  Natalie Portman, Who Should Win:  Natalie Portman.  A month ago I would have given this to Michelle Williams for her role in Blue Valentine.  But after seeing both of these movies, Portman puts up a much more stellar performance.  I could see Annette Bening pulling an upset here too though.

Best Supporting Actor:  Who will win:  Christian Bale, Who Should Win:  Christian Bale.   Sadly, I didn’t see the Fighter.  But every sign points to Bale winning this.  Why?  Because the role is so memorable.  Mark Ruffalo was great in “The Kids Are All Right”, but I just don’t see anyone pulling an upset in this one.

Best Supporting Actress:  Who will win:  Helena Bonham Carter, Who Should Win:  Hailee Steinfeld.   Really, I don’t know who is going to win this.  I’ve heard good things about all the performances.  Amy Adams could easily sneak in and grab this one too.

Best Director:  Who Will Win:  Tom Hopper “The King’s Speech”, Who Should Win:  Darren Aronofsky “Black Swan”.   Again, King’s Speech is the darling.  I just think that there are better movies in this category.  I would actually say that Christopher Nolan should win for “Inception” but he wasn’t nominated. And I’ll quickly rattle off who I think will win in the other categories.

Best Animated Feature:  Toy Story 3

Best foreign language film:  Biutiful

Best screenplay (original): Inception

Best screenplay (adapted):  127 Hours (but will probably be “The Social Network”)

Best Music (Original Score):  Inception (Hans Zimmer)

Best Music (Original Song): “We Belong Together” Toy Story 3

Best cinematography:  Inception

Best film editing:  The King’s Speech