I think we’re all at that point where we are a little fed up with all of the life monitoring apps out there.  Track your mood with one app… track your diet with another… track how long you last doing “you know” with that special lady… track how many steps you took today… or track which route you took on that last jog.  The biggest problem with all of these apps?  I’m WAY too lazy to sit down and input the data!  Plain and simple… I’m a lazy ass.

Jawbone recognized my laziness… and came out with something to help.  Okay… they didn’t come out with it to combat laziness, but they did come out with a pretty cool device that will do (mostly) everything I mentioned above… and more!  A cool little device simply called UP ($100) made by the dope cats at Jawbone.  To help make a little more sense out of it all… they’ve put together a handy little video for you to check out… watch:


Their tagline “Move More… Sleep Better… Eat Smarter… Welcome to a Healthier You” really hits home for probably all of us.  We may work out, or eat right… but this badass little fashion accessory takes everything you do in life and improves it.

Need a reminder to step away from your cubicle for a minute to stretch and grab a quick drink?  UP will give you a subtle buzzz to let you know.  (I’ve read study after study and learned that the occasional break actually makes you MORE productive in the workplace!  Hell, if I were the boss… maybe I’d dip into petty cash and get one of these for the entire staff)

Need to be woken up at the perfect point of rest (not too much… not too little)… UP can help with that too.  It tracks how well you are sleeping on a daily basis and gently nudges you awake at the most ideal time.

You can even take challenges and join with friends to see who can be a better person faster (in our little circle, I vote on overachiever Paystee… dick!).  Here are a few cool specs about this nifty little band:

In a nutshell… you’ve spent $100 on waaaaaay lamer things in your lifetime!  Why not try using that hard-earned cash for something to make you a better… well, YOU???  You already have the superbadassawesome iPhone (if not… WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!), with the jawbone UP and free app that keeps you informed and going… you now have the perfect tools in life to give yourself a leg up.  Drop a few extra lbs, feel a little more rested, have a bit more giddy-up in your step.  You deserve it amigo… you really do.  Go get it now!!!  You can thanks us later (with pics of your new amazing hot bod… errrrr…. ladies only please.)