Apple dropped the much anticipated iPad Mini yesterday, and the whole world had a collective orgasm.  Well, a least all the tech nerds.  But you want to know who didn’t?  This guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the iPad Mini will fit a lot of people’s needs, but what I was really hoping for was an iPad that cost around $200.  The Mini, which is coming in at $329 frankly just isn’t a value to me.  All things equal, I would probably just shell out the extra 180 dollars for a full-sized iPad.  What I was personally hoping for was a 7 inch (or so) table that would compete with the Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus by Google.  Not that Apple needs to compete with them, because clearly Amazon and Google are playing catch up in the table wars.  But if Apple had any kind of killer instinct in business it would have tried to get closer to the 200 dollar mark because it would have been the equivalent of killing the Kraken.

Soap box aside, the iPad Mini is still a pretty neat tablet.  And I am sure that I will get blasted for my comparisons.  The Mini has more memory true, but I call bullshit on that one.  If you are any kind of nerd you have all your media in the cloud so there is really no need for a device with huge storage.  Unless you have a million apps, there really isn’t much need for a tablet with over 8 gigs in my opinion.  Of course I am speaking of the casual user that will use a tablet for entertainment, not professionals that use it for other things.

Either way, just in time for the shopping season, the iPad Mini will be hitting the shelves.  With too many specs to really list you can start the pre-order bonanza beginning on October 26th.