Here’s our take on pretty much everything Bose… good sound, way overpriced!  I know, I know… they make some serious equipment for the intense audiophiles out there.  But we have to be honest, we have a very particular ear when it comes to our music.  At the WGUB our standard with which we put items to the test are far above those of your typical review board!  “How can you say that WhiteGlossy”… well, here’s an example of what we did with our most recent review of the Beats Solo by Dr Dre:

  1. Listened to them at work with typical office noise
  2. Took them to lunch and tried them at a local deli, followed by a smoothie shop (we all know how irritating those blenders are)
  3. Used them on my drive home (with built-in phone microphone it was easy to talk and listen)
  4. Took them to the park with outdoor noise and a nearby construction zone
  5. Took them to a friend’s house with 7 screaming kids running around
  6. Put them on while blaring the TV and surround-sound

… and they came out with my personal 10 out of 10!  Music off… little bit of sound, Music on… absofuckinglutely nothing but pure harmonies.

Getting back to the new Bose in-ear roundup… I’ve always thought Bose held their headphones to a higher MSRP than your typical sets, and for the same price as what they’re selling for… I think you can do a bit better in quality.  None-the-less if I never gave anything a second chance that 6-week trip to Cancun with a girl who could wrap her legs around pretty much any body part I asked her to, never would have happened!  So… we are here to announce that Bose is launching a new series of what appears to be pretty cool (and quite different on the design aspect) in-ear speakers… the IE2, the MIE2, and the MIE2i. The last two headphones are designed for mobile phones and include in-line microphones.  We are anxious to wrap our ears around these three new products and give you our real-world perspective.  Until then, knowing is half the battle!

The IE2 ($100) and MIE2 ($130) will be available in late August, while the MIE2i ($130) won’t hit shelves until October.  Here’s the official Bose press release:


Engineered for Improved Audio Performance and Stability

Bose has introduced three new in-ear products: the IE2 audio headphones for listening on-the-go, and the MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets, designed specifically for music-enabled mobile phones. Each is engineered with proprietary Bose technologies for improved audio quality, and feature new Bose® StayHear™ tips for greater stability and a comfortable fit.

The IE2 audio headphones, and MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets (which are not noise cancelling or sound isolating) offer an enhanced acoustic design using a more sophisticated application of proprietary Bose TriPort® acoustic headphone structure. Music sounds smoother and more natural, instruments have better detail and definition, and high frequencies and vocals are reproduced with improved clarity.

For improved stability — during exercise or other rigorous activity — each new model debuts proprietary Bose StayHear tips. They attach more securely to the headset itself, and then remain more securely in the ear while in use. Designed with soft silicone and a rounded profile, they fit easily inside the bowl of the ear, while naturally conforming to the upper ridge of the ear. Three sizes are included — small, medium and large — ensuring a comfortable fit for hours of listening.

The IE2 audio headphones can be used with a variety of audio sources, including MP3 players, personal computers and digital music players. The MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets offer an additional benefit — taking calls with ease from music-enabled mobile phones. They feature a convenient in-line microphone and one-touch answer/end button for seamless switching from music to calls and back. While the MIE2 is compatible with many mobile phones — including all iPhone models and many BlackBerry devices — the MIE2i was designed exclusively for listening to and control of select Apple products, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook Pro. Its in-line microphone provides access to certain voice applications in Apple products, and the in-line remote lets users adjust volume and navigate through stored music directly from the headset.

The IE2 audio headphones and MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets were constructed and manufactured for lasting quality. From the ear tips to the cables, they have been tested to meet demanding standards for durability. A carrying case is included for added protection and convenience.

Bose® IE2 audio headphones replace the Bose in-ear headphones, and are available on August 23, 2010 for $99.95. The Bose® MIE2 mobile headset replaces the Bose mobile in-ear headset, and is available on August 23, 2010 for $129.95. The Bose® MIE2i mobile headset will be available in October, 2010 for $129.95. Along with the new StayHear™ tips, each new model comes with the original ear tips for a more traditional fit and look. They will be sold at select authorized Bose dealers, Bose retail stores,, and toll free at 1-800-444-BOSE (2673).