For some of you it might be a hate/hate thing, most of you probably don’t give a damn either way.  For me, as much as I dislike Kanye as a person, that fool can put out some damn good music!  Case-in-point… “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which hit stores and iTunes today (or late yesterday if you pre-ordered through iTunes).  We hooked it up to our new favorite iPhone dock (Audyssey SOM)… cranked it up just a little too loud… and soaked in the most hated man in music’s latest release.  The grooves are groovtastic, the rhythms hypnotic, the lyrics sometimes profound and ultimately we found a carefully woven novella telling the story of praise, redemption, fighting the devil and ultimately… an apology.  The music “critics” are a-buzz over the emotional lyrical roller-coaster, and rightly so.

Admittedly I’ve only been a fan of this genre for a short period of time after PaysteeWhite introduced me to Kid Cudi, some real Eminem and a little Kanye (all of them much more legit without the radio edit).  Their rhythms are almost always a little addictingly redundant, but their story is consummate and worthy of notice.  I’ve found a couple of artists I enjoy thumping out on that long drive home… and as much as it pains me to admit sometimes, Kanye tops that playlist often.  And now… his new album will absolutely be added to the list.  In fact… it will probably be all I’ll play for a little while. 

If only he can just make more great music and keep his damn mouth shut outside of the studio (although… his foot-in-mouth disorder is also the ammunition behind his emotional groove)!!!  Once again though… regardless of how you personally feel about Kanye West, his new album is worthy of notice.

PS – curious about the blurred cover on his album?  Apparently the original cover was too risqué for the American Public and was banned (by who exactly is kinda unclear).  Yeah… we wanted to see it too… check it out inside of the article (don’t want young virgin eyes stumbling across it… since it clearly too horrible for the US).