You may have recalled that we called the Kinect the hottest electronic gadget of the season (here).  It really wasn’t a stretch, because a lot of places were as well.  Not to mention it is a bad ass piece of gaming hardware. 

Well this past weekend, I personally wanted to pick one up as a gift, and well lets say that the well has run a bit dry.  Best Buy…Sold Out..Amazon…Sold Out…Target…Sold…Sold Out…Gamestop…Sold Out..Well you get the drift.  I went to at least five stores and 15 websites and nothing.  And there is no way I’m paying some inflated price by someone on Ebay trying to make a profit (mostly because I am jealous I didn’t think to do it).  Of course I could shell out the $300 and pick up the newer 360 bundle, but I don’t like the person I am buying this for that much.  My love has limits here folks.

It appears that Microsoft will hit their (story) goal of 5 million units sold by the end of the holiday season, I just hope that I can get my hands on one of them before then.  If not, little Timmy will have to learn the meaning of rain check.  Can’t wait to have that conversation..

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