Written, Directed, Produced & Musical Score for this post all by: DonkeyFish

Any disease/illness is horrible, but the ones we can actually prevent – and choose not to – are even worse.  Like skin cancer.

Fortunately, there are now companies out there that are trying to protect us from ourselves.  Coolibar is one of them.  They make sun protection clothing; Good sun protection clothing.  They’ve been doing it so long, they can claim to be the first “sun-protective” company recognized by The American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and the Melanoma International Foundation.

I’m leaving for the tropics in 10 days, and asked Coolibar if I could test out some of their gear.  Especially their hats, which I tend not to wear, even on the hottest of days. But since Coolibar is in the business of protecting people like me from myself, they knew better, and sent me two hats.

One is a beautiful looking, full-brimmed hat, which they claim is crushable. Cleverly named the Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat ($45). Well, I’m going to pack it in my surfboard bag between 4 surfboards, toss it on a plane, and find out!

The other is made out of their Smartstraw material, which is breathable and stain resistant  Two great features to have in the tropics. the SmartStraw Surfside Hat ($45).

For good measure, and again cause they know I won’t take care of myself, they sent me a UPF 50+ shirt to wear in and out of the water. Short-Sleeve Quarter-Zip Splash Guard ($65).

Check back in a few weeks when I return for the full scoop.