We know that the weather outside is getting frightful for many.  It is still smack dab in the middle of football season and for those of us that live in moderate climates you are still going to want a nice frosty cold beer while you are tailgaiting. 

And that is where the Shoot A Brew cooler ($295) is going to come in.  This thing comes locked and loaded (no pun meant) with the technology to launch your favorite beverage to you via remote control.   This thing has the power to launch up to that can up to 8 feet away.  It’s magazine can hold 12 cold ones, while the cooler itself can handle up to 24 drinks as well.  Scared you’ll miss the toss?  Don’t be, it has a normal lid too folks.  Oh and wheels. So pretty much the most bad ass thing we’ve seen.

The item is currently available for preorder at the companies site.  You may want to pick it up on the company’s website for next season.  Check out the cooler in action in the video below. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCxMdOkw5MQ&feature=player_embedded]