This week we are traveling up to the great Pacific North West… more specifically, Portland.  Speaking of Portland, Netflix has a pretty entertaining show on instant streaming called Portlandia… check it out.  (Especially if you love to had Portlanders a little).

Back to the band… today we’re here to talk about a huge ensemble group named Typhoon. And eclectic bunch of ramblers with a big sound and huge presence on-stage.  We like what they’re piping out… and we think you will too.  From what we’ve found we think the video below is a pretty good representation of their sound, although the lead singers vocals are a tad drowned out by the instruments… but hey, maybe that’s what they were going for.  Either way, lean back in your comfy office chair and crank up your tiny little weak-ass speakers (unless you have the Audyssey LES, then you can ROOOOCK IT!!!!).  Either way… check them out, and as always… let us know what you think!!!!  Typhoon:


You can follow all of the band’s shenanigans on their Facebook HERE, MySpace HERE, Tumblr HERE, Wikipedia HERE and Twitter HERE.  And, as always, leave us your opinions below!!!!!