Can you believe it… later this month will be our 2 Year Anniversary!!!!  For nearly 700 days we’ve been bringing you some of the best and most entertaining things the world has to offer… and why?  Simply because we care!!  No really… it may come as a surprise, but we don’t get paid for this stuff.  For reals.  The ads you see on the site (which is still relatively new) is there purely to pay for the site’s fees.  We do this for two reasons… and two reasons only:  1 – So you know what stuff out there is actually worth it’s weight in gold; 2 – to fulfill our own self-satisfying need to try and get you to like us (what, just being honest here).

Here are a few things that we’ve done for you in our feeble attempt to win your love:

136 Reviews of everything from headphones to shoes, so you don’t make a bad decision

77 Reviews of things made just to improve your luck with the ladies (not that you need it)

36 Articles on nothing but Liquor and what is worthy of space in your cabinet

58 Articles about Zombies (because we don’t want you to be one of them!!)

All-in-All 1,935 posts to either inform, entertain or simply make you laugh.  Just because we care.


PS – Keep your eyes peeled for something exciting to celebrate our Anniversary!!!!