Hopefully you remember because you are as excited about it as we are… but just in case you forgot, Mid-September we told you about sponsoring our first ever runner in the upcoming L.A. Marathon!!!  (Remember with us HERE)

We searched long and hard, but couldn’t find anyone with the charisma and mad running skills matching that of our very own Crazy Uncle PaysteeWhite.  So we ponied up a little cash… and the training for his grueling 20-whatever mile run has begun!!!

Now… would it be the WGUB if we simply tossed an old t-shirt and cut-off jeans on the Paystee guy and pushed him on his way?  No!  We decided to use him as our very own personal Guinea pig and test out some bitchen running gear we’ve seen… and some that we’ve only just heard about.  So, if you run… or maybe just like the idea of one day getting your ass off the couch and starting to run (hey, I’m in that boat too… not judging), come here first for a great series of what works, what doesn’t, and other things that will probably have nothing to do with keeping your little piggies safely bouncing down that road.  Everything you need in our series:

“WGUB Running Man”