Here’s one for the all-knowing “Moon Man” and his tard-like following.  No not the creepy McDonald’s mascot circa ’86, Jay Leno or the long chin girl in accounting who gives hand jobs to the interns.  It’s the witch quack who has us perfect life-living Californian’s in fear with your faulty-a$$ earthquake prediction.   What’s that you say homeless looking, potion in beaker drinking, faux geologist?  You know the difference between a geologist and a doctor Moon Man?  The New Balance trail boots, a respectable diploma and a job.  CA is going to be hit with a life ending earthquake anytime from March 19th to the 26th?!?  And you’re positive about this with your magic 8 ball that read “it is decidedly so.” Sh!t….I better act like a Mormon and load up on canned green beans, water and special underwear.  Not even multiple wives is going to save me from this one.

Well you have one more day with your noble prediction guy named after astrology feature.  Didn’t work too well for a kid in high school……let’s just say his uranus was starbright. Thanks to people like you Moon Man the next “epidemic” or catastrophe you’ll predict will be that killer bees from Africa will return and kill 2 people in Nebraska. Then the whooping-cough that dropped one kid in Idaho who caught it from not brushing his teeth and the next American fear will be the radiation sent to us from Toyotaland.  As you can tell I’m sweatin’ balls over it.