In an idea that borders on awesome.

Huntsville, AL adult erotic shop Pleasures (No points for original names) is in the news big time, for offering drive up service for all your adult erotic needs.  The store, which is in a converted bank offers three lanes of service.  Now you can order online, and swing through for some even more discreet fun.  (Free Condoms!)

Each customer purchasing a sex toy must fill out a short questionnaire stating that the device is for medical reasons.  Why?  Because shocking, (this is Alabama) it is against the law to buy a toy otherwise.

The anti-obscenity law had been sponsored by state Sen. Tom Butler in 1998, but Alabama officials said the sex toy ban was not intentional but the result of borrowing language from other states with similar laws.

But Alabama law also makes an exception to the ban on the sale of items designed for the “stimulation of human genital organs” if the sale was for “a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose.”

Frankly I would like to know what a legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purpose of a sex toy is.  Sounds like someone’s tax dollars are being wasted greatly.  Personally, it sounds like they can judicially legislate that law up their ass.  Either way, points go to the owner for finding her way around a stupid law to bring the big “O” to those that have trouble achieving it.

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