Jobs is not only a genius… but a media marketing/manipulating juggernaugt!!!  On THE DAY his iPad launches in more stores than ever before (think thousands)… CNN runs a story stating that President George W. Bush is an “iPad addict”.  Wow!  I don’t think even Donny Deutsch could have pulled this one off!  Apple is who they are because of this kind of brilliance.

Here’s the full story:

Bush’s favorite iPad app
mug.mooney By: 

(CNN) – Former President George Bush has gone high tech.

First, the two-term president hits YouTube to promote his new book.

Now, we learn he is an iPad addict.

That’s according to wife Laura, who told Yahoo news it’s hard to break her husband away from the popular Apple gadget.

“He reads the Wall Street Journal on it in the morning before the paper even is thrown,” Mrs. Bush said.

The former first lady added the ex-president’s favorite app is Scrabble.

“Scrabble is the one that George now seems to be playing constantly,” she said. “Like, I’m trying to get his attention; ‘I’m still here.'”

As for Mrs. Bush, she doesn’t have an iPad but says she is hoping to get one on her upcoming birthday.