Ok… so it’s a foreign flic (meaning subtitles) and it starts out with a slight air of “knocked-up”, but then it goes in a starkly different direction.  STARBUCK (March 29) seems like a pretty original plot-line (which is incredibly rare anymore) wrapped up inside of a familiar one… both with laughs, hardships and a decent amount of inspirational moments.  I’ll admit right now that I can be a little sappy sometimes when it comes to feel-good movies, and this one looks like a fun ride.  Check it:


Director: Ken Scott

Starring: Patrick Huard, Julie Le Breton, Antoine Bertrand


STARBUCK stars Patrick Huard as David Wosniak, a 42-year old lovable but perpetual screw up who finally decides to take control of his life. A habitual sperm donor in his youth, he discovers that he’s the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are trying to force the fertility clinic to reveal the true identity of the prolific donor code-named Starbuck.