In case you haven’t noticed (it’s okay… we can’t expect you to remember every important date in your life) this Thursday, July 19th, is our 2 year Anniversary!!!!  That’s right… for 2 years we trolled the internet for things that make us think, laugh and cry… then shared it with you.  We’ve also explored a wide variety of tech, booze, fashion, games, movies and all kinds of other sweet gear… then used it in the real world and told you about the stuff that’s worthy (you can only imagine that amount of pure shit we’ve seen roll across our desks).  We’ve always strived to be one thing for you… a bunch of regular guys, using regular everyday stuff and letting you know if it’s cool enough to buy.  A true unofficial, unauthorized, un-anythinged peer review… not some marketing companies idea of what you want to hear.

OK… enough about us, you’ve shown us you care… and we really appreciate it!  How much do we appreciate it???  Enough to dote upon you with a sweet box of awesome gear!!!!!  Not only is this Thursday (7/19 in case you weren’t paying attention above) our 2 year anniversary… but we’re super awesome at everything we do and have timed it out so that it will also be our 2,000th post!!!!  (it wasn’t an accident or coincidence at all… totally on purpose).  And (yes, I just began a sentence with the word “and”) if you haven’t completely obliterated all of your brain-cells from last year you’ll remember that we gave away a totally amazeballs 1,000th post prize pack (if you did drown that particular part of your brain in a Tasty Libation… you can see what we gave away HERE).

Well… Eggshell has been dropping sneak previews of our giveaway for you (did you notice?) with his posts:

  1. Is It a Spider? or a Podium?
  2. Amplitube iRig
  3. iChill

… just to get the pot started.  Now we’re adding a few more things to the mix with:

  1. Custom designed iPad Sleeve from Rickshaw
  2. A Bottle from our recent Tasty Libation of the WeekMaker’s Mark Whiskey
  3. Supertooth Disco Bluetooth speaker
  4. A 1-Year Membership to the Dollar Shave Club
  5. A Pair of Maui Jim Mala Sunglasses
  6. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones
  7. … and more badass gear that we’ll add to the box-of-awesome throughout the next two days.

If you’re keeping track… with just the things listed above… this prize-pack is valued right around $63,000(ish).  Is this something you would like to see parked on your front door step?  We thought you would!  “So, White Glossy… how do I win it” You ask?  Super simple: This Thursday (7/19/12) we will post our 2,000th article.  All we want you to do is leave a comment…. any comment.   It can be “Hiya”“You Suck”“Here’s a picture of my Hot friend Amber I thought you might like (with pic)”… “Big.  Juicy.  Pickles(FYI… that’s the comment from the winner of our 1,000th post giveaway)… anything you’d like!!!  You just have to comment (on our website… not on facebook) and you are instantly entered to win our treasure trove of geekdom.  Good?  Any questions? Comments?  Something we’ve reviewed recently that you wish was in the box?  Hit us up at [email protected] if you want to chat.

Hugs and kisses!!!