Back in August (Remember with us HERE) we told you about a hot new show coming out on AMC, Halloween night, called “The Walking Dead“.  We were excited when we wrote about it… and I was still excited when I bought the show on iTunes, hooked it up to my TV, and watch the Cable TV’s new zombie show unfold.  Let me tell you people… if you are a fan of the zombie genre, or the horror genre as a whole, you MUST watch this program!!!  Within the first 15 minutes I was freaked out, grossed out, creeped out, sad, and awkwardly on edge… it was AWESOME!!!  It was everything I expected from a well made, well acted, big budget hollywood horror movie… except it was on AMC!  That’s right… on TV!!!

As most of you probably remember I dropped my cable years ago, but AMC was smart enough to make their new hit show available via iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, PS3 and I’m sure a few other options (AMC listed them HERE).

Back to the show… While there are hints of other past horror movie successes (28 days later, Dawn of the Dead, etc.) in the overall plot, AMC really knocks the seriousness, intensity & solitude of a world ending epidemic out of the park (1998 Mark McGwire Style).  They originally only ordered 6 episodes of “The Walking Dead” and created it as a mini-series, but after the huge response (Highest rated cable television premiere this year) I can see them twisting it into a regular series… which would be cool as long as they keep the same intensity they did with episode #1.

All-in-all… watch it!  rent it, buy it, DVR it or tune in Sunday’s at 10p… whichever works best for you.  Just make sure you check it out.  Definitely worthy of your time!

Side-note: Watching this show will instill a hardened sense of paranoia.  Example… I wanted to jam a metal skewer through some dumb bimbo’s eye-socket while in line at the grocery store after she started hacking up a lung.  Who knows… maybe she has the early stages of zombie-ism!?!?!