When I think of Spy’s sunglasses I think of flat billed black hats, schmedium black AFFLICTIONNNNNN!!!! shirts, horrible flame tats and dude’s rolling around on a mat together… or as they call it-fighting.  But I swear they are incredible specs.

I own a pair and I don’t fall into any category mentioned above with the exception of rolling around with dudes.  And I have a flame tat.  And one small black shirt.  But my SPYs are durable, built well, the only problem I’ve ever had is my dumb ass losing them and I have to go purchase another pair.  I rock the Logan ($75).  They’re not Nicole Richie or Olsen twins covering your entire face and esophagus style, but they’re not thin across the eyes Devo style.  So they make a great fit across my beautiful face.