I have nothing to say before this is read… other than we are truly odd people!

WhiteGlossy: I want it to be the most nonsensical year-end ramblings found anywhere.

Paystee: Huh?  That doesn’t make any sense except to the monkey.  He says fart pie. Put down the milk and let me know if we can drive the cab to town for old people.  You’re right….that’s too obvious. Happy Christ’s Birthday on New Year 12 o’clock!

WhiteGlossy: We should write a book…. “A WhiteGlossy tribute to Dr. Seuss’s crazy ass genius ramblings”.  About a trio of Snarfalgerbooies that trip over a clippertappy and discover they are tiny beings living on the tip of a drop of whiskey.

Paystee: Schervumperwienkel no like like. Keep flossing. Beer cans strewn behind cars are the only way to prevent ninja tits.

WhiteGlossy: The Australian mouse disagrees… buckets of unused condom wrappers can make a bird float.  And you’re right, little doggie poos do smell better than orangutan knuckles.

The most nonsense thing ever though… lesbians using dildos.  I don’t get it.  Do you hate dicks or not?!?!?!
New question of the day… can gay dwarfs give reach-arounds?  or are their arms too short?
Paystee: Couldn’t tell ya…I’ve only gotten blow jobs from men dwarfs.