Every now and again a company comes up with a great idea.  Temple bags is one of those companies.  The company at first glance is just about selling bags.  Mostly geared towards the iPad and such.  But what makes these bags stand out is their construction. 

From Temple’s website itself, and only they can say it this good.

Temple is an American-made bag company that is sourced and produced entirely in Los Angeles, California.

Our inspiration starts with endless hours of searching through dusty warehouses. After hand-selecting the best vintage military pieces we wash, cut, and stitch them for you to take on a new journey.

We are committed to beauty, story and craftsmanship; whether that means working with authentic military grade fabrics or salvaging and re-purposing WWII era materials.

The stories behind our bags evoke bravery, adventure, romance and a passion to “risk everything”.

How awesome is a Ipad bag that was once used by the military.  The fact that this company is taking something so storied and giving it a new chapter is very heartwarming.   Looks like more people are taking notice.  They were featured in GQ recently and their bags were given away to A listers at the ESPY awards.  Now that is making it. 

Kudos where kudos are due.  These are some awesome products that you know are going to be made out of good quality.  Uncle Sam didn’t send our boys out to fight with second grade canvas.  If it was good enough for them, it probably is good enough for your Ipad.