Here’s what’s hitting the theaters this week.

Lottery Ticket:  Someone in the ghetto wins the lottery and all hell breaks loose.  Renter..

The Switch:  hilarious misadventures in misplaced semen.  At least it has Jennifer Aniston (Hot) and Jason Batemen (Hella Funny) in it.  Take your woman out for a date, and see this movie.

Piranha 3D:  Unless you are a huge cheesy scary movie buff, don’t empty the wallet.  The killer fish can wait until it comes out on Blu-ray.

Vampires Suck:  Well, true they do.  But this spin-off satire piece poking fun at the twilight movies probably will miss the mark.  Unless you find these types of movies really funny, pass on it.  But send the kids, they might enjoy it.

Nanny McPhee Returns:  In the follow-up to the original, something happens.  I don’t know, I’ve seen this one somewhere.  It was called Mary Poppins.   Take you kids to the movie this weekend and try to choke through this.

And now what we have at home this weekend from Netflix…

Daybreakers:  Join Ethan Hawke as they struggle to keep the human blood supply going in this vampire flick that kind of turns society on its head.

John Adams: Disc 1:  Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney star in this HBO original about our nations 2nd president.  Should be great for history buffs.