Here is a look at what is out this week in theaters.

Avatar 3D:  Yeah, we weren’t lying when we reported this earlier in the week.  If you didn’t see this in 3D, you must go see it.  If not James Cameron will find you.  It won’t be pleasant.

The Last Exorcism:  Do you promise?  We have a serious problem with horror movies that are rated PG-13.  As in they are rarely scary and usually miss the mark.  So good luck!  Hold out for the 5th place finish this weekend.  You’re already in the Netflix queue.

TakersMatt Dillon, Chris Brown, and Hayden Christensen team up on this ensemble cast about bank robbers that are perfect, except the cunning detective that figures it all out and stops them.   Way to come up with a new plot twist Hollywood!  Might be a renter, but might be worth seeing if you are already a couple of movies deep from previous weekends.

If none of these look good, we are still high on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!  A must see movie!

What we have at home via Netflix


Kick Ass:  Comic book nerds take to the streets as superheros.  Hilarity ensues.

Legion:  Don’t really know what this movie is about.  Probably something to do with good and evil or angels and demons.  Looked good when it was in theaters, but didn’t have a chance to check it out.


Run Fat-Boy Run: Five years after jilting his pregnant fiancée on their wedding day, out-of-shape Dennis decides to run a marathon to win her back.  Big fan of Simon Pegg since seeing “Shaun of the Dead”

Clash of the Titans (Remake): If you haven’t seen the original version of this movie then congrats for waking up from that 30yr coma, you should rent that one right away!  Hell, if you have Netflix streaming… you can watch it right now.