I was super excited about the recent release of the Battleship movie trailer… yes, Battleship as in the board game we played before Xbox was around… and yes, I am being incredibly sarcastic.  However, once I heard that Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna & Tayler Kitsch were all on board (pun intended) I thought to myself… okay, this one might actually surprise me and be pretty good.  Then I watched the trailer.  Ummm…. ok.  You watch it, then I’ll make my comments below.


Ok… now my comments: WHAT THE F-CK!!!!  Did I play Battleship all of those years with missing pieces?  Where the hell were my alien spaceships?!?!?!  I don’t remember ever saying “B-9, crap.. you sunk my battleship with a death-ray from you super alien spacecraft”.

Why in the hell did they call this movie Battleship… use the Battleship logo… and include giant white pegs that fall from space onto the ship?  Ok, made that last part up… where you paying attention?  Whatevs, Visit their site by clicking below.