Dude, your canopy is PHAT… as in Pretty Hot And Tempting… as in it’s pretty hot out here and your canopy is soaking up all of that sun, and turning it into awesome reliable energy.  Dope!  Okay, talking about solar energy isn’t ever going to be cool like gansta rap, Dolce & Gabbana or Alvin & the Chipmunks… but this is still pretty bad-ass.  In.. errr… solar power circles anyway.

The 350 Solar Canopy by PHATport ($TBA) is one of the latest ideas for powering your home with that big bright thing in the sky, but this time it’s doing so while providing you with some well deserved shade.  Here’s how the people at PHAT Energy describe their patent pending invention:

The head-turning stand-alone solar energy structure is designed for fast assembly at the location by re-thinking the way the racking and solar panels, known as the “deck”, are delivered to the location. Pre-designed and delivered ready to assemble, the PHATport™ 350 deck is secured to a supporting frame.   The PHATport™ 350, like the rest of PHAT Energy’s PHATport™   line, is built for the unique Sanyo translucent panel which allows 15% of light to penetrate, providing cool shade in full sun. A PHATport™ 350 12-panel design can be erected by a qualified contractor in approximately 1/2 of the time it takes to construct a traditional equivalent structure. The 350 will be capable of supporting a 2.5 kW solar array (accounting for underside production), which is more than what is needed to fuel an electric car, or make a significant difference in the power needs of a typical home. The PHATport™ 350 can be customized with lights, electrical outlets, EV Chargers, and column design options.

So, they’re a little cookie-cutter in their canned corporate approach (guessing they want to appear bigger than they really are)… but their hearts are in the right place, and more importantly, they are backed by some serious brain power with great ideas.  I’ll say it one more time, it’s a solar-powered canopy!!!  Most of you probably have some form of a canvas canopy in your backyard right now, let me ask you this… does your canopy produce power?  As in power for your home.. yes.  But think about the other options… power for a fan, on the canopy… power for a light, on the canopy… power for speakers, on the canopy.  Hello!!!  This thing can power its own accessories, all with a wireless look and feel.

I say keep an eye on these guys… and if you’re looking for a wonderful way to toss a little juice back up the pipeline to your local Energy Supplier, while kicking back in a newly found shady spot… give these guys a call!  Check out the video to get a real look and meet the CEO (trying hard to remember his lines):