Here we stand, just eleven short months away from the end of the world.  Well the end of the world if you believe all that Mayan bullsh*t.  And trust us, if it does happen, we certainly hope it involves some Zombies. Because dang it, we have been preparing you and ourselves for that possibility.  And we don’t want to feel like we have wasted our time or money.  Here’s a few cool things you can check out to continue your preparation for the upcoming apocalypse.

Bite Me: This  Web series by follows three nerdy roommates in their battle against zombies while using all the skills they acquired through years of gaming.  Check out episode one below.


Night Of The Living Trekkies: ($10) A Star Trek/zombie mash-up that follows a group of Trekkies dealing with a zombie outbreak during a Star Trek convention in Houston.  The book is full of geek references to Star Trek, comic books, and Star Wars.

World War Z: The movie, which stars Brad Pitt, come out just in time to prepare you.  December 21st, 2012.  It is based on the book of the same name,by Max Brooks, which is a follow-up to his hit book The Zombie Survival Guide. Trailer below!


Zombie industries:  Yes, this is a website. Designed to make you a badass killer!  Complete with Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets ($90), Mutilating Zombie Targets ($70), OutBreak Skeet Holding Targets ($30), Zombie Paper Targets ($1), and ZOOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Targets ($15).

JIC™-JUST-IN-CASE Series by Mossberg ($360): What’s better than Bacon in a Can?  How about a shotgun?

The heart of the JIC™ package is the venerable 12 gauge Mossberg® 500® Pump-Action. Fitted with a compact 18-1/2” barrel and rugged synthetic pistol grip and forearm, it’s offered in your choice of the blued Cruiser® model, the Mariner®, or the Sandstorm™ featuring our proprietary Marinecote™ finish for employment in or around harsh marine environments. Each is sealed in a resealable clear bag, and is packaged in a heavy-duty, waterproof synthetic carrying-tube complete with resealable top and nylon carrying strap. You’ll also find convenient accessories including the waterproof ‘Survival Kit-In-A-Can’ (Cruiser® model), or the durable multi-tool and serrated lock-back knife combo pack with cordura case (Mariner® model)

ZOMBIES!!!!!!:  Yeah, we have a whole category of stuff dedicated just to this.  Make sure you check out all our stuff that you missed.  From weapons, to clothes, to food.  We’ve got it all where you need it.