What a crazy little story to make us all hate ourselves a little more on this hot Summer Tuesday.  10 years ago (yes, he’s been trying to authenticate what he found for a decade!) a bargain shopper in Fresno happened across a box of glass negatives.  Glass negatives that, in fact, were the thought-to-be-destroyed work of Ansel Adams.  (You know, that guy who is bad-ass at making things all feel-goody in black & white.)  Well, these negatives represent a period in Ansel’s life seemingly gone forever in some crazy darkroom fire.  Negatives now estimated to be worth somewhere in the area of $200 Million dollars!!!  Oh, and he bought the box for $45.  Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth too.

Lucky Bastard?  Indeed!  But ya gotta love the guy at least a little, he was a persistent bugger.  For more detail about this guys crazy story, check out what I found on CNN.com HERE.

Garage sale stories are rare indeed (remember the original copy of our Declaration of Independence purchased at a flea market for $4?)… but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you!  Moral of this story… spend that money, and spend it thriftily!