Who’s going with me to the midnight showing of this one? Universal Pictures announces today a big screen adaptation of the classic Hasbro board game Battleship.  Starring Rihanna and directed by Peter Berg.   That’s right folks, the same game with the plastic ships and pegs.  The one they made an electronic version of that I could never figure out how to work.  The one my brother always cheated at.   Can anyone smell a Razzie award? 

In our humble opinion, there is only one board game worthy of becoming a movie.  And that was Clue.  Maybe next we can do an adaptation of the game checkers next.   Tell you what Universal Pictures, why don’t you package up the film that you plan on wasting on this movie and ship it to me.  I will then proceed to wipe my ass with it and return it to you.  This will save you on editing costs and greatly stretch your production value. 

Seriously, this is how you decide to kick off your acting career Rihanna?  You did get a CT scan after that whole Chris Brown thing right?