What did you think about the “21 Jump Street” reboot?  Surprisingly funny… lame… hated it, but watched it 4 times… you and the movie are BFFs and go everywhere together now?  Well, regardless about your feelings… they made another one.  Yup, “22 Jump Street”.

In case you didn’t catch it in the title… this is a RED BAND TRAILER, which means it is not rated.  Which means cussing.  Which means don’t be a tool and blare this out loud on your work computer.  We all know Carl in accounting is uptight about naughty words and the last thing you want is him crawling all up in your boss’ ass-crack complaining about your insubordination.  Am I right?!?!  Grab some headphones, go out to your car and watch it or just wait until you get home.  Either way… enjoy!


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