I’ve had the Beats Solo (by Dr Dre) for about 6 months now (made by Monster).  I’ve taken these to the park, to work, listened to music at home with 7 yelling kids running around, and relaxed with them after a loooong day.  My opinion after using them all over the damn place… these headphones are f*ing UNREAL!!!  The amount of noise they keep out alone is freakin amazing (when on, nothing gets through… turn the music off and you can hear enough to matter)… but then throw in the perfect clarity and bass thumping magic… fugettaboutit!  I would gladly give away every pair of headphones I’ve ever worn for the perfection behind the Beats Solo.  Nobody paid me to say this, and my buddy doesn’t work for Monster… these are legit headphones, and if you will use them… worth every single penny you’ll spend.  I’ve tried 4 other headphones in this same price-range over the past 6 months, and while some can almost compete in one direction or another… monster signed a deal with the devil for true perfection.  Just get them and shut the hell up, okay?  And post a comment about how happy your are after.