If you’ve never heard of the Lonely Island Boys… then you’ve been missing out!  You may recognize Andy Samberg as a cast memeber from SNL… and if you pay attention,  you may recognize the other two (Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone) from the end credits as writers on the same show.  Or maybe you recognize them by their insanely funny album Incredibad which hit in early 09′ and has audio versions of their funniest SNL stuff… as well as a few of their amazing Lonely Island skits (plus a few new ones I think).  With cameos by Jack Black, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Norah Jones & many others… if you haven’t heard this one yet, you MUST check it out today.  HERE

But way back, when they were trying to make themselves known, they started one hell of a funny website with video after video of their brainchildren spewed all over the place.  A website called The Lonely Island.  I can personally say that I’ve spent HOURS glaring lovingly and crack-addictedly at the computer screen almost crying from laughter thanks to these three nut-bags (side-note… nut-bags is used very lovingly).  They even filmed a pilot for FOX at one point (“Awesometown” Which you can watch HERE)… but for some reason it just never stuck.  FOX’s loss… SNL’s gain!  Especially considering those three are the geniuses behind SNL’s “Digital Shorts” which, in our opinion, pumped life back into the dying show. 

Throughout the day today we’ll toss a few of our all-time favorites at you (it’s not like you’re really doing any work anyway!).  Here’s is there very first ever music video:


Here’s one that peaks my nerd video game nostalgia:


And one more mirroring a classic Sci-Fi movie we all know:


Okay… that’s it for now.  Much more to come throughout the day.  Peace!