While we like to promote a fairly healthy lifestyle here at the WGUB, from time to time we like to fall off the wagon and grab some fast food.  Hey, we are human just like every other American.  From time to time a big greasy burger and some fries really just hits the spot.

And normally one of our places of choice when we fall off the wagon is Wendy’s.  There are few things finer in life than Wendy’s fries and a frosty dairy desert.  The combination of the salty and sweet is just about perfect.  Wendy’s fries are normally a thing of beauty.  Thick, hot, salty (that’s what she said) and so much better than McDonald’s.

But to my surprise recently when I pulled into the local Wendy’s and they have new “Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt”.   After picking up my broken heart from the drive through lane I went ahead and took the plunge and added the fries to my order. Shortly after, sadness ensued.

I’m sure some economist came to you and said “Hey, we can save three cents per pound by making our fries natural cut.”  And you executives at Wendy’s bought it hook, line and sinker.  I don’t care what the focus group told you either.  These fries suck….well frankly….my balls.  Don’t let the picture fool you, these things just are not up to par.

I might be going all overboard on this one.  But don’t do this to me.  I already had to live with Carl’s Jr. doing the natural cut fry thing a few years ago.  Which wasn’t bad since their fries sucked in the first place.  But Wendy’s, you went and ruined a really beautiful thing.   I get where you are going.  Natural cut sounds more healthy right?  Has skin on it!  It’s still a fry!  It’s not like you are baking these things are you?

And what’s with the sprinkling of sea salt?  I know it is the new hip thing to do in your kitchen.  And generally I’m a fan of sea salt…When I’m cooking gourmet style food.  You’re not trying to go head to head with an Iron Chef, you are still Wendy’s   I might have been able to get on board with the new cut if you hadn’t changed what made your fries good.  The heart stopping amount of salt you put on them in the first place.

In closing, I implore you Wendy’s to drop the new fries and return to your greatness.   I beg of you not to change any other favorite menu items either.  If you dare to touch the spicy chicken sandwich I may just lose it completely.