If you spend any time on our site you’ve come to the realization that we are opinionated (but not overly so), sometimes wordy and either a little crazy or kinda drunk all the time.  When it comes to Reviews we really put ourselves out there with how we feel.  I have to know… do you agree?  Disagree? Could care less but want to see your words out in the world? 

Well, MAKE YOURSELF HEARD!!!!  We want you to comment comment comment on our posts, email us with your sweet words and hate-mail, send us pictures of yourself in front of the WGUB screen on your computer… anything!  We know you’re there (We can see you!) but we also want to hear from you.  Not just to fulfill our personal desire of knowing we’re not alone in our psychotic babbling, but to also help us make this a better site for you.  After all, while this is quite self-indulging for us… it’s ultimately all put together for your enjoyment.  Hey… I’m a giver.