What is the one thing about showers you hate the most?  It’s the drain right? (Just play along and say “Yes”).  Great!  That’s what we thought too.  But what can we do?  The water has to go somewhere right?  Well, the people at cribcandy found a great solution… the Magic Poresta Slot ($???) takes all of that “hole in the ground” archaic thinking and puts a modern-day take on things with their Magic drain.  Here’s a little more from the designers:

The most captivating part of magic is what remains invisible. The technical aspects that help create a successful sleight-of-hand should remain known only to the illusionist. For the rest of us, we enjoy the act of marveling; we relish the allure of mesmerization.

Okay… so this isn’t the most interesting thing we’ve written this week, but shut-up!!! It’s Friday.