On a weekly basis, we like to get together, shoot the shit, talk about how we are going to continue to bring you the awesome.  This week’s sit down was one of the more colorful creative meetings (it was probably the Vodka), so we thought we would bring you some of the best random thoughts from us this week.

“I’ve never seen the actually Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video.  Just a bunch of fat guys, Justin Timberlake, babies, and guys with questionable sexual practices dancing to it.”

“Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan should just screw, do a bunch of blow and then die.  That will solve the riots in Egypt real quick.”

“Hey smelly guy at the movie theater, if you can afford a movie ticket, how about some deodorant?”

“Why does a mechanic’s shop always smell like WD40 and your Mom’s left over douche water?”

“I want to f-ck the freckles off of Rachel McAdams… Just saying.”

“Have you ever stuck your hand so far up your @ss your penis becomes a finger-puppet?  Me neither.”

“If you’re not a mechanic, or Jay Leno, having car magazines is just stupid.”

“Eyes are the windows to that gooey meatball sitting in your skull.  Nothing more.”

“Speaking of saving the animals… I wholeheartedly support the public nudity that PETA uses as a ploy to be noticed.”

“At what point is it appropriate to punch someone in the face for being full of shit?”

“So Paystee, staying home again this year for Valentines Day?  Another romantic evening of watching “Beachs” and masturbating while crying?”