Did you get the hook up this holiday season?  Now it’s up to you to trick it out with cool accessories and protect the investment of your stuff.  Looking for a sick bag for your new Ipad?  Check out Temple bags.  (Ipad Coverage) Need something to hug and snuggle that new Iphone?  Check out our thoughts on a few of those here.  Looking for a sweet dock for that Iphone?  Check out our coverage on a couple here and here.  Need some sweet little ear buds for that as well?  We got that covered with a couple of reviews like this, that and like this baby.

Better yet, did you get some sick product that we haven’t mentioned on our board?  And you think it is so badass that you want to hear more about it?  Well we can accommodate that.  Hit us up here and tell us about it.  We will dig up some neat stuff on it and give you as much info on it that we can.

Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend..Work sucks!