Anyone else catch the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump on Tuesday?  If so, you might have had to sit through some of the more painful 7-10 minutes when Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino got up to roast Donald Trump.   Epic Fail.  I could fart a better joke then this guy could spout one from his mouth.First of all, why was this guy even on the panel?  Was Comedy Central that desperate for ratings that they needed to pull in the GTL crowd?  After multiple epic fails on joke after joke, the boos started raining in.  Cut from the airing was a reference to slavery directed at Snoop Dogg.

It is now painfully obvious that The Situation is really just getting by on his marginally good looks.  As he has proven recently he can’t hack it on a dancing show nor tell a decent joke.  I’m hoping he was just drunk or that someone else wrote his jokes for him.  But then it might involve reading, something that I am sure he marginally good at as well. Word to the wise Situation, all those people laughing at the roast, were not laughing at your jokes, they were laughing at you and the upcoming end of your time in the spotlight.