So, you’re a caring person who really wants to reach out and help the thousands and thousands of lives hurt by the insanity going on in Japan… however, you’re also a tad-bit selfish and refuse to just toss you money all willy-nilly into the world in hopes that some of it will make it across the ocean.  Hey, we’re not judging (prick)… we’re right there with you (prick… right back at us).
Your answer? The Relief Tee ($22). 
Give your hard-earned cash to people who are in desperate need, while at the same time getting a new cool tee for lounging around your nice warm home… drinking clean water… hugging your loved ones… eating a hot meal… with power and the lack of radiation poisoning (see what I’m doing here?).
Here’s a bit from the makers detailing exactly where the moolah is going:
An 9.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Japan, triggering a massive tsunami & leaving the country in a state of devastation.

When you pre-order this shirt, all profit will go to the following organizations:

  • You can also make direct donations at the links above.
    Shirts shipped as soon as possible.  (Around April 12th.  Hopefully Sooner.)
    Unisex Sizes. Women order a size down. Available in White. Printed on American Apparel Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-Shirt.
    Printed with soft hand ink.