Sooo… did you take our advice and pick up the most badass little entertainment box ever?  What?  You have no clue what I’m talking about?  Ok… go check out our original article HERE.  Now you remember right?  Well, did you ever pick one up?  If you didn’t… shame, but it’s not too late for you yet!!!  If you did, still great new for you too!!!

To celebrate their 1 millionth Roku sold, the people behind the awesome little box is giving away all kinds of radical stuff (yes, I just dropped a “R” bomb!).  What kind of stuff?  TV’s, Roku boxes, free internet, gift certificates (amazon, netflix, hulu, etc.), and other cool gear… all tied together in over 50 prize packages.  It’s a huge celebration… and we are all the winners!  Yay for free stuff!!!  Quit screwing around and go enter already!  Once more… go HERE to enter.