Because we’re officially sponsoring our first Marathon runner, and it’s usually a pretty cool thing to have, we need a slogan!  Below is what the genius behind your daily WGUB fix have come up with… but we just can’t narrow it down to one.  HELP!

We’ll make it super simple… either comment on our post, Facebook us, message our twitter, email us ([email protected]), send us a carrier pigeon, whisper it in our ear or throw a rock through our window.  Otherwise, we may resort to post-it notes and darts… and you don’t want that!  That’s how my daughter got named VulvaMae Weinertard.  And, of course, if you have a better idea keep it to your damn self let us hear it!

  • Diarrhea for your eyes
  • 3 Guys, 3 entries
  • 3 Guys who are 13″ soft…..collectively
  • 3 Guys who are 9″ in cold water….collectively
  •…type it…you’ll like it.
  • You don’t look poor or stupid…type
  •…It’s like seeing your sister naked…..thru a window….for the 3rd time.
  • Got 2 minutes? Post masturbation lend your next 60 seconds to us……
  •….we’ll finish you off.
  • Do you have genitalia? Type
  • Technology, Movies, lonely? Type
  •  It’s like FaceBook and MySpace exploded leaving 3 nerds with a life.
  •…….If Chuck Norris round housed the world wide web.