Remember that UH-MAH-ZING Nixon surf-watch review written by DonkeyFish this Summer? (No?!  We smothered our sexy endorsement juices all over the badass Supertide) Well, the stylish Mofizzles at Nixon have decided to take all of the awesomesauce we found to be worthy… and dipped it in sunshine!!!  Neon sunshine to be exact.

Introducing Nixon’s Neon Yellow Collection!  Booyah!!! 

Touted by Nixon as:

Bright into the future. 

Punched up neon. It’s bright. It’s bold. Its high contrast palette reminds us of yesteryear while its minimalistic silhouette take us into the now.

The Neon Yellow Collection is featured on (Left to right): The Time Teller PThe QuadThe Small Lodown, and The Supertide.

Go get yourself some!!!